Swanick's Florida Pad

Illuzzi and wnymedia.net both note that Swanick is in the Florida Keys, relaxing on his $42,000/year salary. Must be nice. But Swanick claims not to own a home in Florida. Reeeaaaallllly? It's Charles M. Swanick, by the way. From Kenmore : 14217. In August 1994, Swanick bought a condominium at the Century Club South Condo complex in Key Colony Beach, Monroe County, Florida for $58,500 using a $15,000 private party mortgage; the unit # is not specified, but it's probably 104. In October 1995, he obtained what appears to be a second $13,500 private party mortgage on unit 104 through the condo association. In April 2003, Swanick sold unit 104 at the Century Club Condos for $97,000. A record dated April 2003 indicates that Swanick bought a condo at the Key Haven Condominium complex - unit 303- for $109,000. Key Haven appears to have the same street address as Century Club. Here's a 1BR condo that's on the market at Century Club North for $325,000. In 2004, Swanick's unit 303 was assessed at $125,000, and the property tax is pegged at $1,281. What a bargain. Check out this list of available properties in Key Colony/Marathon, Fl. Wow. So...if Swanick owns unit 303 at the Key Haven subdivision in Key Colony Beach, FL, why would he tell people he doesn't own a home in Florida? (Ed: fixed up the quote)

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