Pataki must be on the pipe

I mean, he must if he thinks he can be taken seriously as a presidential candidate in today's Republican Party. But News10 in Syracuse is reporting that NY1 is reporting (whew!) that Pataki will not seek a fourth term.
"News 10 Now's sister station New York 1 is reporting that Governor George Pataki expects to announce in the next few weeks he's not seeking a fourth term, and is instead deciding whether to run for president. Pataki is said to have knowledge that he's a long shot for the nomination, but thinks he could be the GOP nominee for vice president in 2008. "
A new Rocky! Whatever little Pataki accomplished when first elected have been long overshadowed by his willing participation in a sick system, which has made New York weaker, not stronger. He's a laughingstock in his home state -what makes him think that the good voters of New Hampshire or Iowa will pick him over, say, McCain? But: this would open things up for a primary between Nassau's Tom Suozzi and Saint Rudy of Giuliani. As Bill points out in comments, Suozzi's a democrat. Who knew?

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