Vindictiveness? In BUFFALO?

Why, perish the thought!
"In recent days, vindictive employees and unpaid county vendors left Rath County Office Building restrooms vandalized, soap and paper towel dispensers empty and toilet paper nowhere in site. The problem was so bad in some restrooms that employees resorted to bringing in their own wipes. "
Um, someone want to explain to my why an employee at the Rath has the gall to be vindictive? Unless they did it on their way out the door, anyone who still has a job at the Rath should be thanking his lucky stars, not vandalizing the toilets. I mean, honestly - is that whom we've been employing to run the county? People with the mentality and maturity of Bart Simpson? This kind of childish misbehavior sort of helps flush the sympathy away, dunnit?

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