Shadenfreude delayed is shadenfreude denied

Hm. Well, the expected release wasn't released. What to make of that? I don't think it's good news for the protagonists in that saga. Not good news at all. It's especially bad news for the other lawyers who work there, who are not (allegedly) under investigation, and who are extremely anxious for this whole thing to be over. Bill from Outside Counsel is disturbed by the shadenfreude parade. He (rightfully) decries the apparent breach of confidentiality; there's no reason why these rumors should have happened in the first place. But that's not my fault or problem. The "coliseum atmosphere" surrounding the C&B rumors, isn't occurring just because everybody likes a bit of gossip. C&B are huge. They're ubiquitous. And if what I'm hearing is true, their fall will be crashing. C&B made not a few enemies during their rise to fame and glory. Those chickens are banging on the door, waiting to come home to roost. While I think Bill's sentiments are valid, I think they're misdirected. Sure, rumormongering isn't nice or professional, but mine is not always a nice, nor is it a professional, blog. But the real harm to the profession doesn't come from the speculation as to what C&B may or may not have done; it comes from the acts themselves. If the rumors are even half-true, then C&B has really harmed the profession, and the reputations not only of C&B lawyers, but of all WNY lawyers. We've got an image problem already. This isn't going to help. I don't think that treating C&B with kid gloves, or pretending the rumors don't exist isn't going to change that, either. Just my 2 cents, but I do so with respect for Bill's position & opinion.

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