Free Buffalo redux

Free Buffalo had its second meeting on Saturday. Craig was there - go check him out if you want a first-hand account. I didn't go. I didn't go because of my belief, which I've stated here ad nauseum, that I think Ostrowski's ultimate desire is to create a libertarian utopia. His strident opposition to the Bass Pro deal and to the Geico deal merely compound my decision. 370 people on a Saturday morning is nothing to sneeze at, and the politicians ignore freebuffalo at their peril. I did like the quote where Giambra wants to convince freebuffalo that he's their greatest champion. That's quite literally the stupidest and most ridiculous thing I've read today. The primary challenge group seems interesting, but it seems to me they're just winding up to become yet another minor party machine. Not my cup of tea. Unfortunately for me, two groups have meetings on the same night; Thursday March 24th at 7pm. Western New York Coalition for Progress at Buff State's fireside lounge; Kevin Gaughan is expected to speak. Also slated for Thursday is Revitalize Buffalo, which was formed as an offshoot of the News' "Why Not Buffalo" series. Again: freebuffalo seems to me to be motivated more by a hatred of government and taxes, rather than a genuine love for the region. WNY Coalition for Progress and Revitalize Buffalo are, in my mind, coming from the right angle: a genuine love for the city and region, and a strong desire to see the region grow and improve.

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