Castro worth $550 million

Wow. A crooked totalitarian dictator. Whodathunkit? Forbes has been listing the estimated net worths of leaders around the world, and Castro is pissed that he made the list.
"Once again, they have committed the infamy of speaking about Castro's fortune, placing me almost above the queen of England,' Castro said in a speech to top officials of Cuba's ruling Communist Party, military and police. 'Do they think I am (former Zairian President) Mobutu (Sese Seko) or one of the many millionaires, those thieves and plunderers, that the empire has suckled and protected?' he said in reference to his capitalist archenemy, the United States."
Actually, you're worse than Mobutu Sese Seko, because you're still in power. At least African kleptocrats are pretty open about it. Castro hides his theivery and unjust enrichment behind a phony wall of socialist egalitarianism. Castro is threatening a lawsuit. I certainly hope he does. The discovery process would be quite an eye-opener.

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