Here's the thing...

I can't take zealots. There's no reasoning with a zealot. Jim Ostrowski is, in my opinion, a zealot. He is anti-taxation and anti-government. While I certainly believe that we are taxed too much, and our government is too intrusive, the solution is to repair it; not abolish it. Taxation and government do involve, as Justice Marshall said, the power to destroy, but they also provide us, frankly, with civilization. So, here is Ostrowski's agenda for 2005: 1. defeat one percent sales tax $100 million (annual) 2. stop Bass Pro $75 million (one-time) 3. across the board 10% public sector salary cut $200 (annual) 4. abolish economic development/IDA bureaucracies $15 million (annual) 5. deregulate vehicular transit— taxis, vans and buses $25 million (annual) ___________________ $415 million (annual--$340 million) Number 1 has been accomplished without "freebuffalo". I disagree with #2. I agree with #3, and think it should be as much as 25% for public workers earning, say, over $60,000. I disagree with #4, but would merge the IDAs into one, county-wide IDA. I disagree with #5 because it's just foolish. "deregulate" buses? What the hell does that mean? Is he talking about the NFTA? And when he says "regulation" is he talking about those onerous regs that ensure that the taxis, vans, and buses are safe and well-maintained? 'Cause I like those types of regulations. So, I agree with 2/5 points. Sorry. Play again. Don't get me wrong - I think that most of the people who joined fixbuffalo have their hearts and heads in the right place. It's quite obvious, however, that there's nothing grassroots about this group, and that it comes perilously close to forming a personality cult around Ostrowski. How many ads and plugs for him and his books & articles can you spot at their website?

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