Limbaugh redux

Craig notes that my conclusion here was a non-sequitur, and he's sort of right. It's definitely not the best, most thought-out post I've ever done, so sorry on that. But is it really a non-sequitur? I find there to be quite an interesting linkage between Bush's eagerness to execute the retarded and children, and his opposition to abortion. And I never quite understood why death was somehow considered to be a worse punishment than spending a lifetime wasting away in jail. It does not promote a "culture of life" to be the only non-third-world-backwater to execute the mentally disadvantaged and undeveloped. Back to the point, however... Limbaugh's conclusion is just plain idiotic. Think "Maya Keyes". Shouldn't she be a militant right-wing-Christian soldier, if we all turn out like our parents? Did Limbaugh poll the fetuses to ask them if they were liberal, conservative, or moderate?

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