Single-handedly doing the Feds' job

Spitzer looked around and found that the Bush administration wasn't enforcing regulations relating to consumer protection issues, so he decided to do it from Albany. Good for him. Tell Jim O. I'll take "Cuomo on Speed" over "bitter scion of a Buffalo political dynasty" anytime. Check out Spitzer doing good for average citizens who were cheated by some predatory businesses.
"Instead, the Johnsons and seven other investors who were bilked out of $1.4 million by Cedrik, received $1.16 million in restitution from three financial firms with ties to the insurance agent, who is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in January to charges stemming from the scheme. 'It's a great relief,' Sidney Johnson said after receiving checks from Attorney General Eliot Spitzer at a news conference to announce the restitution deal. "

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