State Constitutional Convention

Craig reports that calls are coming in for a state constitutional convention.

"We're hearing from our constituents that they would like to see an end to late budgets, that they would like to see a change in the way Albany operates," said state Sen. Nicholas Spano of Westchester, a veteran in the Senate's Republican majority. "We're listening."

The same measure Spano introduced Wednesday is sponsored in the Democrat-led Assembly by Richard Brodsky, also a veteran in the majority conference and from Westchester.

"Now it's bipartisan in every sense of the word," Brodsky said. "We can start debating the ideas without any sense of partisanship."

Government reformers say a convention could make sweeping changes, including public funding of elections, state budget making, term limits and elimination of one house of the Legislature. Critics of a convention -- and even some supporters -- fear that once the state constitution is opened to changes, unwanted proposals may be added.

I say bring it on. Albany needs fundamental change, not piecemeal placation of the citizenry.

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