Urban revival in Buffalo

The News has a story about John Norquist, a New Urbanism advocate, who came to Buffalo to convince us that the urban downtown core is ripe for development and growth. I think he's right, and I think Bass Pro is an anchor for that.
"I think Buffalo in the next 20 years will prove to be one of the best real estate markets in the United States," he began. Then the tall, bearded Norquist quipped, "You can start the process of ending your feelings of depression any time now."
How right he is. Among the biggest obstacle to developing and growing Buffalo is peoples' bad attitude. I also think he's right about downtown areas being poised for a renaissance. Elmwood is a perfect example of what's possible, and there's no reason that couldn't be expanded to include Main Street. Cities are back and they're hip. Sooner or later, we'll all get it.

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