Blog 1: News 0

The News has a short article about Spitzer in today's paper. It's the lamest piece of inane non-news I've seen in a while. Almost the entire story is dedicated to something that is apparently unique to the Buffalo News; that Spitzer will use the internet to campaign for governor?! What candidate for higher office since, oh, 1996 HASN'T used the internet in some way to campaign? That's news? It's cute how the News placed words like "meet up" and "pop up" in quotation marks; the News behaving like your grampa who knows nothing of that newfangled computer-tel-ee-phone-internet thing. To paraphrase Robert McCarthy in the Buffalo News:
Eliot Spitzer is using the internet to campaign for the 2006 gubernatorial election. Supporters were informed of a "meet up" via the internet, and a lot of people were expected to show up. Spitzer also attended a EC Dems fundraiser at Shanghai Red's yesterday. Len Lenihan likes Eliot Spitzer, and Eliot Spitzer likes Len Lenihan. BTW, Spitzer expects to use the internet some more, too. In the future, that is.
I mean, that's literally how lame the story is. (The "meet up" was at 8:00 pm, and wrapped up an hour later. The News sent a photographer.) Apparently, Robert McCarthy didn't bother to hear Spitzer's speech, which I summarize below, didn't bother to report on the speech, and didn't bother to show up to see how many enthusiastic supporters showed up. Blog 1; Buffalo News 0.

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