Spitzer 2006

I met Eliot Spitzer last night at his meetup. It was a great turnout of over 100 people. I think he'll make a great governor. He hit on all the key points: 1. It's time to reform Albany, and abolish the 3-men in a room system that has essentially replaced deliberative representative democracy in that town. He didn't get into specifics, but indicated that he'd work tirelessly to effect reform in Albany, and that although he might lose political popularity in some circles by doing so, he'd rather be a one-term governor and do all he can to end the logjam than be a three-termer who maintains the status quo. I like that. 2. He recognizes that Medicaid is a huge crisis and that it threatens to bankrupt towns and counties throughout New York. He will fight on two fronts; one, ensuring that New York gets its fair share of Medicaid dollars from the federal government; and two, reverting responsibility for Medicaid to Albany, where the decisions on how to spend are made. He also advocated a review of Medicaid procedures, eligibility, and programs to ensure that people who need basic services receive them, but that the system is run fairly, effectively, and efficiently. I like that, too. 3. Spitzer specifically mentioned the Brennan Center report, which ranked New York's state government 50th out of 50, and remarked that it was embarassing and shameful, and he wants to do something about it. He wants to get New York working again for businesses and average taxpayers, so that people return to New York (in general, and WNY in particular), so we can grow our tax base and make New York a leader again, rather than an embarassing example of bad government. He's also right on when he discusses the charges that he's somehow anti-business. 1. He targeted companies that broke the rules. He has received nothing but thanks and praise from the companies that play by the rules and are pleased to be back on a level playing field. 2. Because of his action and reform, the Wall Street firms are healthier, and average investors have more faith and confidence in the analysis that comes out of those companies. 3. He won't tolerate average taxpayers and businesses being taken advantage of. He has dedicated his time as AG to eliminating waste, fraud, unfair and deceptive business practices, and other criminal activities. If Eliot Spitzer can do for Albany what he did for Wall Street, New York has bright days ahead.

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