"Cuomo on Speed"

That's how the leader of freebuffalo characterizes Eliot Spitzer. How droll.
I called Pataki Cuomo on quaaludes--meaning like Cuomo but without the obnoxiousness.
Yeah. Pataki's real charming.
Cuomo on speed means worse than Cuomo--even more driven to ram big government down our throats--same smarter than thou arrogance though.
Really? In which meeting with Mr. Spitzer did you develop that impression, Jim?
You see, to Mario and Eliot, the masses are morons who need to be regulated and controlled by geniuses like them. In a term, limousine liberal.
So much cynical, untrue, opinion-devoid-of-facts bullshit, so little time. That's quite a wide, sweeping charge to make against Spitzer, with little factual information to support it. If Jim O. and freebuffalo are against all government regulation, then what's to stop businesses from engaging in unfair and deceptive business practices? What's to stop Wall Street firms from lying on analyst's reports? What's to stop businesses from cheating other businesses, their customers, and their shareholders? I'm sorry, but if you want New York to revert to the law of the jungle, I'm not with you. If you want freedom from government, I think Somalia is a pretty decent example of that.

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