If Tom Delay were your dog

I haven't checked out The Rude Pundit in a while. He always makes me laugh, and today's installment is an instaclassic: If Tom Delay were your dog. Excerpt:
"Yeah, if Tom DeLay were a dog, it'd be easy. You'd say, 'Here, Tom, here, Tom,' and hug him and promise him treats to get in the car, and it'd be so sweet, because Tom DeLay would lick you, thinking you were taking him to meet with more cash-stuffed corporate lobbyists. Instead, of course, you'd take Tom DeLay to the kind, gentle veterinarian and the caring nurses, and surely you'd shed a tear as Tom DeLay was put to sleep, going to that big K Street in the sky where there's endless Lockheed-sponsored fire hydrants to piss on. You'd be sad, but at the same time, there's the sweet relief in knowing that Tom DeLay will no longer make you have to send the rugs out to be cleaned every week."
Clicky clicky.

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