It used to be that bankruptcy was a shame and a last resort for the destitute and insolvent. The beauty of bankruptcy was that it gave these people relief and a fresh start. Not any more. Quite simply, the new bankruptcy bill turns the federal government into a collection agency for the credit card companies and health care industry. If you incur debt for anything as trivial as a shopping spree too many, to brain cancer surgery and hospitalization, that fresh start's going to be very, very hard to come by. Seems to me there could have been a better way to reduce fraud, but that wouldn't have pleased the right lobbyists. The credit card companies pimp their wares to kids as young as 18, and to people who can ill afford them. Then, when they get in above their heads, paying off one card with the next, paying 15% introductory rates that suddenly become 25% if payment is a day late, the credit card companies have succeeded in taking away the consumer's avenue of last resort. I think it's time to reverse his Sainted Holy Majesty Ronald Reagan and make credit card interest, and other consumer interest payments, tax-deductible.

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