Jim O in 05?

Craig says that I'm writing as if Jim O is running for office, which he isn't. Now. Yet.
This movement is not about the short term -- it's about the future. If it turns out that the group wants to withdraw support for Geico and Bass Pro, I'll withdraw mine for FreeBuffalo; I doubt that will be the outcome. But in the long term, Ostrowski's right! We simply cannot afford to do business this way. What's done is done -- time to prepare the way to do it differently in the future. Ostrowski's being deliberately provocative; don't assume that the organization will automatically adopt his opinions -- immediately.
Can we afford to do business the way it's been done? No. But you can't discard short-term benefits for long-term dogmatic purity, which is what Jim O & others on his bulletin board are proposing. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but I say freebuffalo's opposition to Bass Pro is a lock, because I don't think it's by any means grassroots, but instead the manifestation of Jim O's own arrogance and vanity. Buffalo isn't the way it is because of incentives given to companies to locate here; it is the way it is despite that.

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