Morality in Government

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Perhaps your correct Alan, what we need to more quick fixes to solve our problems and we should probably elect some new politicans to impliment these quick fixes without regard to qualifications. No need to think about opporunity costs, property rights, or morals. Which I am sure are merely subjective considerations in your 'point of view'.
Elect new politicians without regard to qualifications? Isn't that primary challenge's mission statement?
You say that we are consistently wrong, that what is said here is without evidence or rational backing. But I have offered you the very economic reasons Buffalo is in the hole it is in today. You say that the area cannot wait for change, that we need jobs, and that we need them now and that this is grounds for the infringement of whatever moral rights you deem fit to trample. You have offered no economic backing of your position, are you sure we cannot wait? Are you certain that Geicos worth infringeing upon the moral right to property of the various peoples of Erie County and New York to fund a project that gives an unfair advantage to a particular business?
Where are you getting this "moral right to property" nonsense? Your rights are based on laws, not morals. Morality does not have anything to do with politics, and it's certainly absent from the sort of unfettered, predatory capitalism you folks would have us all live under.
Where is your reasoning? Oh wait, the ends justify the means, how silly of me. Your reasoning is "Because I say so" and is without regard for reason.
So, the freebuffalo platform will oppose efforts to bring good-paying white-collar jobs to this region; the first such influx in decades. 2500 people earning over $30,000/year? I guess the positive economic impact of that to this region is worth forfeiting to some other region, which would be more than happy to have the jobs in exchange for incentives. We'll stay "moral" and poor. Can't wait for you guys to explain this all to Bauerle, and the local news channels, and all the unemployed government workers who will become redundant when the libertarian paradise is set up in Erie County, and all the other people looking for a good local job. It's ok to dream big, and to work towards it. It's not ok to harm us in the short term to get there. "Morally" speaking. I was hopeful that this group would advocate for smarter government. That hope was misguided.

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