Illuzzi gets it late & wrong.

Illuzzi's a bit testy in his latest post. I honestly don't know why I link to him, since the only links he'll give are the ones that people pay him for. But he sometimes has some good scoops, so what the hell. He's getting on the CBC bandwagon now, too - about 3 weeks after wnymedia.net and I exposed it for the scam it is. But is he on the right side of the CBC issue? Nope.
"The alternative to incarceration, AKA the, [sic] Community Based Corrections (CBC), resolution introduced at midnight December 8th, on the merits, is a solid proposal. Essentially, first time, non violent, offenders charged with misdemeanors, who cannot make bail, spend weeks in some cases [sic] months in jail in lieu of a deposition [sic] of the case. The alternative would be telephonic monitoring, etc.; relieving the Sheriff & the County of a great deal of expense in keeping these defendants locked up. It must be said that 99% of these offenders are Black, Hispanic, & obviously poor. Most whites are released OR, i.e., no bail. The cost $3 million, the savings over time in the millions.
How he links this to race is beyond me, but his conclusion that the CBC scam is a "on the merits...a solid proposal" is patently, blatantly wrong. What CBC proposes to do is run a glorified answering service for $3,000,000, plus a steep fee paid by the probationer. Joe, if the probationer can't make bail or bond for a first-time misdemeanor, how's he going to pay the CBC monitoring fee? And the company itself is run by some politically-connected, very shady characters.; people that Erie County really ought not do business with. But Illuzzi was, apparently, not willing to conduct a simple google search which would have revealed that to him. So no, Joe. It's not a solid proposal on its merits. It's a shaky, shady proposal. But Holt and Swanick both put (one now, one in the past) food in Illuzzi's mouth, so you have to question his partiality. But what's so funny is how much Illuzzi whines.
Unless you are a liar, in denial, or just plain stupid you cannot deny this publication's record of getting the story out first & our accuracy over the last eight years.
He whines about his fantastical "hits", and he whines any time anyone challenges him in any way. Waaa waaa waaa.

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