Small Business driving WNY's economy

I had a wonderful evening last night meeting the class of 2003 from UB's Center for Entrepreneruial Leadership. It sounds like a fantastic program. What was even more fantastic was sitting in a room with about 20 local business owners who all want to know what they can do to make Buffalo better. I'd argue that they're already doing a helluva lot - operating local businesses and employing myriad local people. But they want to do more. And they're not looking for a handout - just some ideas. (How novel is that in this area?) Rather than go on and on about the points I made, I offer a link to a backup page I've set up where you can read my bullet-point notes for the talk I gave. It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with Craig from Buffalog, and with Megan Weaver from Revitalize Buffalo, and Deborah Lynn Williams, President of the New Millenium Group. I'm going to ask the individual business owners to email me, and I'll plug their services here. I honestly think that small business, which truly is the driving force in WNY's economy, needs to unite and get loud about what it needs to make their lives easier. The Partnership isn't working for them. They need something else. A few weeks ago, someone at the speakupwny.com forums suggested "brand Buffalo". I think it's a wonderful idea, and would raise local awareness about local businesses. Forget "buy American".
Buy Buffalo/WNY.

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