What will the Hillary-haters say?

Hillary recognizes that Medicaid is crushing upstate. The Bush Administration wants to slash federal medicaid funding (for its own mandated program), and shunt the costs to the states. I don't think I need to explain what'll happen if Albany gets a hold of that bill.
"GOP Congressional members are considering a plan to reduce federal funding for Medicaid by $15 billion during the next five years, including $2 billion to New York state. Medicaid is one of the most hotly debated topics in Erie County with local officials blaming the program's rising costs as one of the primary reasons for the county's fiscal crisis. 'While I believe wholeheartedly that we need to return fiscal discipline and reduce the unprecedented deficits we are running, slashing Medicaid funding is not an answer to getting our fiscal house in order,' Clinton said Monday afternoon. 'It is unacceptable to try to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable Americans.' Clinton, during a telephone news conference with reporters, said her solution is to create a bi-partisan commission to review how Medicaid services and programs can be delivered in a more cost effective way. Her amendment is being co-sponsored by fellow Senators Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) and Jeff Bingaman (D-New Mexico)."
Hillary Clinton. Looking out for WNY.

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