OneBuffalo / Kevin Gaughan

If you haven't done so already, and you are for reforming government in Buffalo and Erie County, please consider signing Kevin Gaughan's OneBuffalo,com petition. The petition basically asks Albany to permit Erie County to hold a referendum on creating a metropolitan form of government to replace the system we have now. According to Gaughan, Erie County has 500 elected officials. The county in which Charlotte, NC is located as 12. Which do you think is run more efficiently, has less waste, is conducive to a friendlier business climate, and has minimized the affect of patronage and fiefdoms? It sure ain't Erie County, that's for sure. The Gaughan plan is not the Giambra/Greiner plan, which would have seen the county absorb the city. The Giambra plan, I think, is dead in the water. What was interesting, though, was hearing that Gaughan has been in touch with the leaders of freebuffalocloudcuckooland and primary challenge. I wonder if he'd be surprised to learn that the leader of freebuffalo opposes metropolitan government. Actually, he opposes just about every form of government, but who's counting?

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