Well, well, well. Welcome to the discussion. It's been almost a month since I first exposed CBC for the utter scam it really is. Only now are Illuzzi and others jumping on that bandwagon. Why, earlier this week, Illuzzi said that CBC was a "solid proposal...on the merits." Now that he's actually done his research (gee, I wonder where?) he doesn't think it's so solid, after all. And WBEN teased a story this morning (which I'm sure was simply transcribed from the Buffalo News) that CBC has no experience in probation matters. Well, no shit sherlock. You could have learned that here in late February. What no one's told you yet, except here, is that CBC was poised not only to effectively steal $3,000,000 from the county's coffers, but planned on charging its charges a $70 "enrollment" fee and about $250-300/month for "monitoring" phone calls.

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