What does Community Based Corrections, LLC do?

Sweet Jesus, what a scam. Forget for a second the fact that CBC apparently told Holt that it would save the county its entire yearly prison budget of $16 million. The county was supposed to pay this company $3 million. (Remember: your zoo is losing funding. Your Kleinhans and Albright Knox are losing funding. Parks are closing. Just remember that.) But that's not all. According to CBC's website, the monitoring they do is anything but "community based". If a judge assigned someone to house arrest, he would call CBC to sign up for the service. The offender would pay a $70 "enrollment" fee, and the first month's monitoring cost of $228.75! The offender then gets what sounds like a debit card, that requires topping up when funds drop below $20.00. What does CBC do for its $3,000,000 + $70 enrollment fee + $229/mo? It makes and receives telephone calls. That. Is. It. It will make random telephone calls to the offender's home, work, etc. They use "voice recognition" technology to make sure it's the offender with whom they're speaking. What sort of reporting do they do? I don't know. What do they do for emergency notification? No idea. Any other questions? Try their FAQ. So, what have we learned? That Community Based Corrections is neither Community-based (unless you're talking New Orleans), nor do they really do any "corrections". Heck, for $3,000,000, I'll make all the phone calls Erie County wants me to.

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