The Apprentice.

I was watching the Apprentice last night and wondered why businesses conduct rigorous background checks, extensive interviews, and oftentimes tests of prospective candidates, but for government we basically elect whatever schmuck can raise more money. In any event, Giambra's new plan is summarized at WGRZ and the Buffalo News. I think he's starting to get it, but he's not quite there yet.

I think that he gets (hmm. isn't that a homophone of "Getz"), that the people are clamoring for reform, change, and an end to patronage. OK. I don't think he gets - at all - not one iota - that the people are sick and tired of being taxed over, and over, and over again. Every year government messes up its books, and every year they turn to us and just take our money. (I was going to make a sick joke/analogy here, but I won't. For the children). I also don't think that he gets - at all - that we're so very sick and tired of our elected officials sniping at each other like they're little kids. ALL WEEK, the morning news on WBEN has been jam-packed with Giambra, Naples, DeBenedetti, various legislators, Swarts, Clark, Gallivan, etc. They all call in - not simultaneously, mind you, but someone starts in, and then the others feel compelled to call in and attack/respond.

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