As heard on WBEN

ed: this had been on the previous post, but I liked it enough to set it apart To our elected County officials: Here's a novel idea, folks. Why don't you sit at a conference table and do something for the people of Erie County for a change, rather than protecting fiefdoms, unions, buddies, budgets, and the high-schoolery. To paraphrase: AS HEARD ON WBEN'S MORNING SHOW JUST ABOUT EVERY MORNING THIS WEEK: 7:20 - Joel: Nancy's a poopyhead. 7:40 - Nancy: No I'm not. Joel is a doody. 7:50 - DeBenedetti: I heard Joel call Nancy a poopyhead. Well, HE'S the poopyhead. 8:05 - Gallivan: I heard Nancy call Joel a doody. I think he's a doody, too. You tell him that, John Zak and Susan Rose. 8:10 - Joel: Gallivan is a jerk, and I don't want to play with him anymore. And I think Al is such a big liar, his pants are on fire. 8:20 - DeBenedetti: I know you are, but what am I?

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