There's a lot of bullshit going on right now. I mentioned some of it in my earlier post. Here's more: 1. The constantly shifting, non-existent "deadlines" regarding raising the sales tax are bullshit. 2. The endless wrangling within the legislature is bullshit. 3. Ray Dusza expressing that we should stop complaining about one little penny is bullshit. 4. There are 62 counties in NYS. All of them have a medicaid funding problem. Only Erie County has plunged itself into a full-fledged crisis. 5. Giambra's red-green budget ploy was bullshit. 6. Chuck Swanick's sudden reversal on a sales tax hike is concentrated bullshit. 7. The current deficit figures are bullshit; they're higher, and our property taxes are going through the roof next year. 8. The idea that Giambra is a fiscally conservative Republican is hyper-bullshit. 9. The notion that it would be good for the County to take over the City has been exposed as bullshit. 10. The notion that the county is better-run than the City is bullshit. 11. The word "temporary", when paired with "tax increase", when uttered in NYS or Erie County is dehydrated bullshit. 12. The fact that the legislature STILL doesn't get the message that the vast, overwhelming majority of Erie Countonians (heh) don't want any more tax hikes is bullshit.

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