He finally Getz out

Victor Getz, longtime friend and former driver of Joel Giambra and newly named Deputy Parks Commissioner, will lose his job. Victor Getz should have lost his job long ago, and Giambra was too stubborn to do it. He was happier to throw the county into chaos than get rid of this hack.
“Victor Getz will no longer be an employee of Erie County. There is no parks department, so there is no need for a Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation,” said Giambra.
With all due respect to HRH Joel the Vindictive, there was no need for a Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation when the parks were open. That perfectly illustrates the problem with our bloated county civil service.
The County Executive also said he plans on giving the Erie County Legislature the budget for 2006 earlier than the November deadline. And he’s not raising ruling out raising your property taxes next year. “Anybody who thinks we can balance next year’s budget without a new revenue source is not being genuine or real,” said Giambra.
Yeah. God forbid the County work with what it has. And your highness, please stop using "new revenue source" as a euphemism for "we're gonna tax you to kingdom come because I'm a professional civil servant, and the taxpayers are my goddamn gravy train, and I'm gonna make you pay you sons of bitches."

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