Smells like Victory

To paraphrase the ubiquitous Kevin Hardwick, this country was founded through a revolution that was sparked by a good old-fashioned tax revolt. We're in the midst of a full-fledged tax revolt in Erie County right now. And everyone knows it but the unions, the county executive and the legislature. I watched the special program on Channel 7 last night. It segued very smoothly into the Legislature's voting down of the current tax hike proposal. Swanick got some prime TV time during his vainglorious voting down (after about 6 yeas) of sales tax increase. And then there was poor old Mike Bogulski, the head of the civil employees' union. This guy was a fricking caricature of the backwards, old-think union boss. This person appears to me to be barely literate, and I wonder what, precisely, his job was before he was union boss. Bogulski's most egregious mouth-shit? That we should all stop whining because we haven't had a county sales tax increase in five years. Well, whoop-de-doo. How 'bout the school tax hikes? How 'bout the already bloated county property taxes? How 'bout rising tolls and user fees? The gall. The nerve of this guy is appalling. To insinuate that anyone in New York isn't taxed enough is an outrage. The guy should figuratively be tarred & feathered. God, I hope someone with some cash and creativity would take that snippet of tape and just run it over and over again as a paid issue ad. This is a tax revolt people. There are 931,000 of us and about 9,000 of them. They've been catered to for too long. It's time for the silent majority to let our voices be heard. How is it that we constantly lose population, yet our taxes go up for "services"? Why is it that they're now punishing us by arbitrarily and unnecessarily closing the parks, when in December it was the libraries that were at risk? (It's all b-s). Again: I repeat: How is it that 1,200,000,000 is not enough to operate a shrinking county of 940,000 people?

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