That's what Sully calls it, and I agree. The Rove playbook: The AARP does not support the President's plan to destr... I mean privatiz... I mean reform Social Security. Therefore, AARP must be destroyed. Via Kos, we find this, courtesy of the folks at the American Spectator, and the good people at Swift Boat Vets for abject lying: Yep. That's right. If you disagree with the President, you're anti-troop and pro-gay marriage. What that has to do with either the AARP or Social Security is up to you to decide. What's really scary, and underscores the vast dumbing down of America, is that this type of juvenile, low-rent propaganda actually works. It worked against Kerry. The outfit that put out this filth will be touted as the "conservative" answer to the "liberal" AARP. Despicable. I guess this is the AARP's payback for reluctantly backing Bush's medicare drug bill last year.

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