The Breeze

The City of Rochester is the proud owner of the Breeze; the fast ferry that operated for 80 days in 2004 before running out of money. "'32 million dollars going once...going twice...sold to the city of Rochester. Congratulations.'" Rochester immediately contacted the Port of Toronto to re-commence building its terminal and customs facilities. The City was pleased that it got the ferry for a little less than what they expected to pay. But the Rochester paper had the same question I did: If the Ferry's builder bid over $29MM, why did the city's bid jump to $32MM right away? Beats me. Now they need to find someone to operate it. They're even considering selling the naming rights to the vessel. That's smart. Anyway, I wish Rochester luck & I hope they can make it commercially feasible. I really wanted to try the ferry last year, and I'm glad I'll get a chance this summer. Cheers, Rochester.

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