Brown for Mayor?

Byron Brown announced yesterday that he's running for Mayor of Buffalo.

"I am ready to use better management, fresh ideas, and a new positive attitude to turn this great city around," he said. "I am ready to bring the sweeping change you seek to City Hall while uniting our city across racial, ethnic and income lines. I will be a mayor for all people."

Brown, 46, enters the race as the front-runner in virtually every survey. He never mentioned incumbent Mayor Anthony M. Masiello or any other potential opponent, but pointed to "naysayers" who said he could not win a seat in the Common Council or State Senate.

"Now these same folks are saying that no mayor can turn this city around," he said. "They are wrong. I can and I will."

We'll see.

Brown looks like a good candidate in theory, but he's apparently against any regional form of government.

I've decided that the recent budget meltdown reveals that a county takeover of city government is impractical. If we are to have regional government, we need a new type of government and a blank slate. Not the same people running the same crap, just under a different name.

This should be an interesting election season in Buffalo.

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