Syrian admits training Iraqi insurgents

Maybe our invasion was a few hundred miles too far South. /kidding The Iraqi media are reporting that a Syrian admits training Iraqi insurgents. Whether or not the station is US-funded propaganda is irrelevant. If true, this merely underscores the complete bungling of the post-invasion. Why on Earth didn't we seal the goddamn borders with a known terrorist-sponsoring state? Were we being stupid or lazy. Those are the only two choices.
"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi state television broadcast a video Wednesday showing what the U.S.-funded channel said was the confession of a captured Syrian officer who said he had trained Iraqi insurgents to behead people and build car bombs to attack American and Iraqi troops. The video also showed an Iraqi who said the insurgents practiced beheading animals to train for decapitating hostages. Syrian officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the claims. The video comes at a time when the Bush administration has stepped up pressure on Syria to stop meddling in Iraqi affairs by allowing insurgents to cross into the country to fight coalition troops and by harboring former Iraqi regime members. Syria has denied the charges. President Bush also repeated Wednesday that Syria must remove its 15,000 troops from neighboring Lebanon but did not threaten any action against Damascus - for now. "
Maybe when Bush said talk of invading Iran was "ridiculous" he would have given a different answer for Syria. Watch for Syria to become this decade's Libya. Syria is Baathist too, by the way. Baathist meaning an Arab nationalist totalitarian dictatorship with some socialist characteristics.

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