WGRZ Still on the Ball

Wow! These guys are kicking ass and taking names.:
"Two weeks ago, we compared his staff to that of the county executive in Monroe County, which has about 80% of Erie County's population. She had a total of five, including herself, for an annual payroll of $375,000. Giambra, at the time, had 19 people accounting for $1.6 million. Now, with the first wave of cuts this week plus some cuts Giambra made on his own, his staff will shrink to about 13, including himself. But the Monroe county executive has also since trimmed. She's now down to four, nine less than Giambra's team. Let's also look at Nassau County, which is 45% larger in population than Erie County. Its county executive's office has just 11 people on the payroll, compared to giambra's 13. And what about our legislature? How does it stack up against other places? Let's look at Westchester County, which has nearly the same population as Erie County. Westchester County's legislature has a total of 40 people on the payroll, including the legislators. Now, after Erie County's first wave of cuts, our legislature should still have about 70.
It's about time this sort of waste was exposed. Next, Onondaga County -- home of Syracuse -- about half the population of Erie County, its legislature has 27 positions, again, compared to our 70."

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