How the crisis came to be

Look. It's Sunday and I don't feel like doing heavy lifting today. The sun's out, and there's not a cloud in the sky. So, click the link and read this analysis of Erie County government and taxes as compared with other New York Counties. In a nutshell: Giambra cut property taxes, but didn't cut spending. That spells disaster. That's imprudent. So, now we are the only county in New York that has such a dramatic crisis over spending, mandates and Medicaid. Tom Suozzi of FixAlbany raised taxes on the more-valuable Nassau properties in his jurisdiction, but he cut spending. No crisis. Bond rating up. Maybe taxes can now be lowered that spending is under control. Again: the basic question: Why is it that a $1,200,000,000 or so budget is not sufficient for 940,000 residents of a county that is shrinking?

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