Dear Local Union Bosses: Which do you prefer? Massive layoffs and a gutting of your rolls? Or showing some flexibility and responsibility and negotiating some concessions on work rules that might save many jobs? So far, the union bosses (Bogulski, especially) are all for gutting layoffs. Why? Because that'll show those pesky taxpayers! Perhaps if the bosses asked their membership, they might show some flexibility:
For most county employees, Tuesday was a day of waiting and wondering. They were waiting to find out whether their job would be the one to go. And they were wondering whether there was something they could do to save it. "Definitely, I would,” said one worker. The worker was talking about something brought up Monday, when three county legislators suggested workers make concessions, allowing them to save jobs and services. The concessions would include asking workers to take off one day a month without pay, or turning some of their holidays into floating holidays. The savings, according to the legislators, would be in the millions. "They have to look into it and see what's appropriate,” said another worker. Any concessions must be negotiated between the unions and the county executive. So far, that hasn't even begun.
With all fairness to the unions, it is hard to negotiate with a Regent who's sunning himself in Florida. Again: Kudos to WGRZ for really following up on this story.

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