Bass Pro back on track. Coincidence?

I think not. Last week, WGRZ reported that the deal was in jeopardy due to the budget nonsense in Erie County. As of yesterday, Bass Pro had not yet inked any deal with anybody - not the City, not the County, not the State. What a difference a day makes. Just a day after our redundant county government nixed the sales tax hike, Bass Pro signed the memorandum of understanding, thus moving the project forward. I don't think we'd be reading this news today if the sales tax was going north of 9%. I am a big fan of the Bass Pro deal, even though I don't hunt or fish. The public money portion of this project is only going to renovate the Aud. Public money to renovate a public structure that's been mothballed for nearly a decade is just fine with me. So, the taxpayers of Erie County are 2-0, and the City gets on the win column, as well.

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