Stephen Minarik is an asshole.

Via NYCO, I find that the new chairman of the NYS Republican Party, Stephen Minarik, is an asshole. The increasingly-radicalized Republican Party is, more and more, equating dissent and pluralist democracy with treason. Even Pataki was appalled. On Tuesday, Minarik asserted that the Democratic Party was equal to Lynne Stewart, the leftist activist attorney who represented, and was convicted of abetting, her blind sheikh terrorist client Abdel Rahman. What a load of horseshit that is.
Chairman Howard Dean "is the personification of today's national Democratic Party - elite, radical, out-of-control, and sadly out-of-touch with ordinary Americans." "The Democrats simply have refused to learn the lessons of the past two election cycles, and now they can be accurately called the party of Barbara Boxer, Lynne Stewart and Howard Dean," Minarik added.
Did Minarik apologize for implying that Democrats are traitors? What do you think?
Minarik had issued a statement earlier Tuesday indicating he had no intention of backing away from what he had said the day before and calling Democratic complaints "just the latest `Dean scream."' "The Democrats would be wise to take action on members like Lynne Stewart, rather than attacking me," Minarik said in his statement Tuesday. "Maybe then, the Democratic Party can start to regain some credibility with the American people."
Um...who ever said that Lynne Stewart was a democrat, or in any way led the party, or authored any party platforms? Minarik is an asshole and a bully. All Republicans with a conscience should condemn this guy. And most in New York, to their credit, have.

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