Sales Tax Hike remains dead.

This is getting to be like Chevy Chase re-confirming Franco's death on SNL in the 70s. The legislature voted down a 3/4 penny sales tax increase. This means they're listening to the taxpayer-citizens of Erie County. And Mike Bogulski didn't do himself any favors this week, either.
The votes against the amendement were republicans Jeanne Chase, Steve McCarville, Barry Weinstein, Elise Cusack, Charles Swanick, Denise Marshall, Al DeBenedetti, Michael Razenhofer, and George Holt. Voting in favor of the sales tax were Ed Kuwik, Tim Kennedy, Demone Smith, Raymond Dusza, Lynn Marinelli, and Tim Wroblewski.
Does Ray Dusza really want to go back to the seniors to whom he panders and tell them that he repeatedly voted to raise their sales tax? I guess so. The leg did pass some very, very minor and light budget cuts, however, including: 25% from the County Executive's staff 25% from the County Legislature's staff 10% across the board for other county departments. They total about $53 million in cuts and revenue. Now, what?

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