So, I'm not alone

I'm not the only kook calling for the abolition of County government, it seems.
One lawmaker is suggesting dismantling Erie County government. Amherst Town Councilmember Bill Kindel told News 4 Tuesday night that he believes the budget crisis can be solved by eliminating county government altogether. Amherst Councilmember Bill Kindel said, 'In stages, to have the first ring of towns and the State of New York to take over all, in time, of the services now being provided by the County of Erie. To eliminate the County of Erie, not overnight, but in stages and let those who are full capable of providing these services at a better cost, more efficiently, and I guess, more important than all of that, reliably.' Next week, Kindel will propose that Amherst take over the Grover Cleveland golf course from Erie County.
You heard it here first.

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