From Jamaica's Daily Gleaner:

A resolution signed by Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero ordered the 100,000 Cubans directly employed in tourism to"limit relations with foreigners to the strictly necessary."

It calls on tourism workers to "maintain a conduct faithful to the fatherland and respect for the constitution, the socialist laws and government policy."

For two years, President Fidel Castro's government has moved to restore central command over Cuba's economy and curb the "corrupting" influence and creeping inequalities brought by foreign business, tourism and access to hard currency.

The new rules took effect last week. They will undermine the quality of service by cutting incentives for Cuba's tourism workers, said shocked foreign hotel managers.

Cubans working in tourism earn average monthly salaries of $12-$15 paid to them in Cuban pesos, and rely heavily on tips to supplement their incomes. With tips, tourism work is one of the island's best-paying occupations.

If the Cuban emigres and US government were really serious about wanting to get rid of Castro and Cuban communism, they'd be encouraging, rather than discouraging, contact between Americans and Cubans; they'd call for a lifting of the embargo that punishes American businesses; and they'd call for a lifting of the ban on travel.

iPods and Levis would get rid of communism a lot faster than radio Marti.

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