Buffalo Boomerang

Could Buffalo and the rest of the rust belt see a return of population in coming years? Maybe. Thousands of our former neighbors now live in places like Phoenix. Charlotte. Atlanta. Orlando. Tucson. Nice places, all. They enjoy low taxes. But... Doesn't the traffic suck? I mean really badly? Don't you get tired of running your A/C everywhere you go, all the time? What happens when you get a really bad drought? Do you feel a sense of community there, beneath the buttes or by the peach tree? We have sunny, mild summers and the snow ain't really that bad most of the time. The people are friendly. We have lots of things to do and see. We're sitting by the greatest amount of fresh water in one place in the world. If places like Buffalo really got their act together; smarter government and governance, a lower tax burden, professionals running the place, better Albany stewardship, then this area could grow again. Economically. Then we would need people to come and work here. Who better than former Buffalonians? And current area college grads? Could the Buffalo diaspora boomerang, and return? It could. But as things stand right now, it won't.

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