Weellllll....look what we have here.

Yesterday it was reported that Bass Pro inked the deal to come to Buffalo. It happened, coincidentally, on the day after the county finally dug in its heels to spare the county's taxpayers another sales tax hike. Good news, right? Not so fast. HRH King Joel I refuses (REFUSES, I say!) to sign the deal on behalf of the county. He's doing so to stick it to you and to me. He's playing this game because he wants the taxpayers who thwarted his attempt to tax us more to feel maximum pain. That's why the libraries were at risk; that's why county parks are closed; that's why he's playing games with the Bass Pro deal. He wants us to feel bad; but moreover, he wants us to be afraid. Bass Pro is pledging $57 million. The State and Feds are pledging $52 million. The county is expected to issue bonds to assist in the Aud renovation; not one penny of local public money is going to Bass Pro itself - it's all earmarked for the renovation of a public building (the Aud). Giambra has nothing to lose, of course. He's politically radioactive. So, he is more than happy to, frankly, f*ck with us. In his egotistical, yet feeble mind, we've f*cked with him, so it's eye for an eye time. Hopefully someone can knock some sense into Giambra and convince him to stop flushing the toilet on Erie County. Hopefully someone can convince him to stop looking out for his own interests (settling scores, etc), and start doing the peoples' business again.

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