Wheeling and Dealing

Giambra and DeBenedetti have apparently struck a deal. That and $4.00 will buy you a grande triple dry cappuccino at Starbucks. DeBenedetti is but one legislator; ten votes are needed to get any sales tax hike done. The news was reporting last night that most, if not all, remaining legislators spent the better part of Sunday at City Court with Judge Makowski and some mediators trying to strike a deal. Meanwhile, Giambra & DeBenedetti held a meeting on their own. There are two separate conversations and negotiations going on. Why couldn't Giambra just participate in the mediation at City Court? Methinks there's some media whoring going on. I mean, WIVB broke into a Grammy commercial to announce that a "deal" had been struck between these two. But here's my question: Does Erie County need a grande triple dry cappuccino, or will a cup of Maxwell House do? Do we need a caramel macchiato that tastes like candy, or a gritty, smoky brew? You know - Maxwell house is a lot cheaper and wakes you up just as much. But it seems like we're all about the candy around here. Gotta have that candy. As for the plan, it apparently eliminates some pork and patronage on the 16th floor of the Rath Building, as well as at Old County Hall. The sales tax will "temporarily" rise 3/4 of a penny to 9% - a provision that, we are promised, will "sunset" by the end of this year. What they haven't told you yet is that Bush is defunding Medicaid for NYS for next year, and your property taxes will skyrocket for 2006. I'm talking Quebec levels - only without the free medical and the "distinct society." (The Quebecois pay the most and highest taxes in North America. New York is trying to catch up).

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