Bass Pro problem

"We're hopefully all of this -- everything -- will be worked out and we can come to Buffalo, but so far it has not been," said Larry Whitely, manager of Bass Pro public relations. We then asked him if, "you could say, with 100% certainty, that Bass Pro will be coming to Buffalo?" His reply? "Can't say that right now. No," Whitely said. "Hopefully we can (soon)."
What's the story here? Why did Pataki bother to hold a press conference on Bass Pro coming to Buffalo if the deal isn't done? Why would he do that to this community if there remained a chance that it couldn't happen? And what's the goddamn holdup? Why isn't the deal signed yet? This isn't just a problem at the Aud, but the surrounding area - I thought the News had reported that a number of projects were going ahead downtown because Bass Pro was coming. Again - Kudos to WGRZ Channel 2 for doing the local stories that matter. There's one of these any news station in town each day (cars to Main Street, what's up with Bass Pro, what's up with AM&A, etc.) yet only WGRZ does them. Good for them.

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