Carpe the mother f*cking diem

I really expect more from Donn Esmonde than today's pathetic column. It's all doom and gloom. And it's a departure from some earlier columns on the subject of the budget. Which reminds me - no one's yet been laid off, and no money has yet been cut. Yet the parks department has closed all County Parks? WTF? That's nothing but scare tactics and punishing the taxpayers for no good reason. None. It's business as usual. I am so absolutely tired of these little lords with their little fiefdom appointments making idiotic, unnecessary decision to punish the rest of us. I'm tired of the County Executive and his whole branch of government. I'm tired of the unions and their intransigence. It's not time for a County control board. It's time to abolish the county. Give Chestnut Hill Park to OP or the state. Give DOT to the state. Give Medicaid back to the State. Sell off the rest. The only things left should be the DA, the Clerk, and the Sheriff. That's it. Get rid of the 5% sales tax surcharge. Get rid of the millions in private perks, money, SUVs, cell phones, etc. Get rid of the useless legislature altogether. Get rid of these pissants who time after time, year after year fail to lead; fail to act in the best interests of the community at large. Notice something? Hear that? That's the sound of the City of Buffalo being in better financial shape than the County. Amherst, Clarence, OP, Hamburg, Cheektowaga: no handout, no bailout. No handout, no bailout, Joel. Isn't that what you said? No handout, no bailout. Work on it. Get the people's business done and get it done right.
  • Get it done efficiently; without waste.
  • Get it done effectively; do your goddamn jobs.
  • Get it done as inexpensively as possible; work with the ample, ample, ample money you've already got.
  • Get it done equitably; stop punishing the whole community. Get it done fairly; put the people ahead of the unions and special interests.
Work on it. Get it done.

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