Giambra spinning like a top

This morning during WBEN's morning news, Kevin Hardwick was in studio to analyze the political ramifications of the EC budget fiasco. Nancy Naples also called in to reiterate that none of what's happening was a surprise to anyone who matters, and that Giambra especially knew in June that a crisis was brewing, but didn't do anything until November. Well, HRH Joel I called in to defend himself and set the record crooked. First, he attacked Hardwick, who really hadn't bashed Giambra at all this morning. Then, like the glass-jawed bully he is, after attacking Hardwick he said something like "but let me move on to the issues." Hardwick, to his credit, wasn't about to let HRH get away with it, and responded to his majesty's unfair and intemperate attack by pointing out that he had actually written a column for the Buffalo News that was complimentary of Giambra. Kevin Hardwick made HRH Joel I look like the jester he is. Then Giambra went on to attack Nancy Naples, and Al DeBenedetti (stating that Al was lying, and that Al was really looking for a job - or some such idiocy), WGRZ, Sandy Beach, and whomever else popped into that royal brain of his. HRH also criticized the WGRZ patronage reports, stating that only a small number of his "blood" relatives (his word) were on the County Payroll. He mentioned that his brother-in-law, who is in charge of the county motorpool - in a job that King Joel CREATED for him - scored number one on his civil service exam. What was he supposed to do, the King asked, not hire him? Well, actually, your majesty, you didn't have to create that job in the first place. HRH mentioned that another relative of his scored "first or second" on his/her civil service exam, and that he should have hired him/her. Well, if he scored second, why wasn't the person who scored the best of the exam hired, your majesty? Is not the civil service exam system put in place precisely to prevent this sort of patronage hiring? The glass-jawed pussy came out swinging, boy. He sounded like a madman off his meds. Way off his meds. If Joel Giambra is going to spend the next three years attacking his real and imagined enemies; if HRH is going to spend the next three years behaving like a petulant asshole, then it's really better for us all that he resign. Oh, yeah. By the way. HRH, DeBenedetti, and Naples all confirmed that the penny isn't really dead, and that the deadline is arbitrary and adjustable, and that we may yet get the penny tax they all want oh-so-much. Don't let them do it.

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