I think I'm going to stop feeding the troll after this. It's become tiresome to deal with non-sequiturs and non-arguments.
Perhaps you should be concerned with what has happened in the past. It would help you place things in a larger historical perspective. Your LIBERAL mind abhores this, I know.... You shouldn't presume that Homeland security was not in attendance at the conference. How else would they know which grouping of cars to pull over...etc...
The border guards asked where the people had been coming from, and they replied that they were returning from a conference in Toronto called "Reviving the Islamic Spirit." That's why they pulled those cars over - because those law-abiding American citizens told the truth to Homeland Security. ...etc...
Sharia law is creeping to a court near you. Your LIBERALISM is one of the first things that will be snuffed out. Learn, educate...act. I'm sorry you feel so bad about losing the election in Iraq on Sunday.
I wasn't running the election in Iraq, nor did I endorse any of the parties or blocs that were running. Do you even know what the election was for? I can just picture Judge Howe or Judge Sedita applying Sharia law. I'm sure it'll happen real soon. /sarcasm.
I'm surprised at your support for Gen. Clark. The US and NATO were duped by the KLA to start a Balkan war. What's the exit strategy for that war? Do you need a lecture on Serbian history? Oh, that's right you don't seem to care about what happened...a few generations back. Your consiousness was not "photo-shopped" into the 21st C. Or was it?
First of all, do YOU need a lecture on Serbian history? If you're such an expert on ex-Yugoslavia, onda jebem ti pas mater. Tell me what that means. What does Yugoslavia have to do with pulling over a group of law-abiding Muslim citizens at the Q-L bridge? And why do you put "liberal" in all caps? I wonder if your freeper friends would appreciate the emphasis on that particular word. Slobodan Milosevic and his army, police and associated paramilitaries had been systematically committing genocide on Catholic Croats and Muslim Kosovars and Bosnians from 1991 - 1999. Millions died for the cause of "Greater Serbia." Your FASCIST worldview, I know, is quite comfortable with that notion.

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