The next step for Channel 2

Channel 2 gets big ups from me for exposing Erie County government for the wasteful piece of dreck it is. In large part, I believe that Channel 2 story helped get us where we are today. That and Joel Giambra's inflated, insatiable ego. The next sweeps month is May. I present this challenge to Channel 2: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to conduct surveillance on any and/or all of the Giambra friends & family patronage appointments. I want to see what they do all day. Are they hard workers who really toil at their desks/jobs all day? Or do they think nothing of hopping in their county cars, calling up buds on their county cellphones and playing golf on the county's dime? That's my wish for May sweeps, WGRZ. Are you up to the challenge? BTW: This sort of thing is de rigeur every year for the Boston Herald.

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