Is Joel Giambra ignorant, stupid or a liar? It's got to be one of those three. Giambra's target du jour on WBEN this morning was Comptroller Nancy Naples (R). HRH accused Naples' office of withholding cash flow data from him. HRH accused Naples' office of mismanagement because they've held off on paying the County' share of State pensions, which Giambra stated were subject to interest at 8% per day. Naples responded that her office received a request for data from Giambra's office that was so vague and illiterate, that she had to send it back, and a second request was made yesterday. Her office is working on producing the cash flow data right now. Naples also exposed Giambra as ignorant, stupid, or a liar, and stated that the interest rate on the pension money was 8% per year; not per day. (Big difference).

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